Artist creating daily self-portraits since 4/16/18.
Ink, water, brushes, nibs, pens, paper; never pencils. 
I draw daily but don't post daily. 
Infrequently Asked Questions: 

Are you a moose? 
Not that I am aware of. 
Why are you doing this? 
I needed some kind of daily artistic drawing practice, and that required a subject matter, and I figured I'd always be wherever I was so that seemed like a good enough place to start. I only meant to do 100 of these; things have gotten wildly out of control. 
What's up with that name? 
This originally started as an exploration of gender with tiny essays or gender-related thoughts presented with the pictures. That quickly devolved. But I've kept the title because I'm honestly not quite sure what else to call this. 
Is there anything remotely interesting about this project we might want to know? 
Well. No. I just kind of draw myself endlessly. It's become a strange accidental hobby. 
I do it every day. I never sketch out the drawings (no matter how much I would like to) because somewhere along the line I decided they would be more "raw" if I just recorded my first instinctual touches to paper. Since I rarely work like this in literally every other aspect of my life or artistic practices I suspect this may have been a convenient way to not put too much work (or worry?) into these pictures. But every now and then I go back and I'm moved by pictures I originally hated, so there's something to that even if I'm not sure what it is. 
The nobler version of this is that I wanted to prevent my general instinct to filter and judge everything I do so that I'd at least produce something, regardless of how good it was. And since I've never had an artistic habit last as long as this one has there may have actually been something useful in that impulse. 
This is an evolving project. I didn't start out with a clear plan of where I was headed and I'm still not sure where it's going; just that I'm still doing it. 
You really haven't put any more thought into this? 
Unfortunately, I have. Here's how I explained my project in an application to a Masters of Fine Art program that unequivocally rejected me: 
"This project utilizes a daily practice of monochromatic self-portraits (executed with brushes and nibs in ink on paper) to document the flow of time and the real-time unfolding of an artistic practice and an identity system in progress. The consecutive, daily nature of these portraits, done over the course of a year, ritualizes the artistic practice and in doing so renders time both medium and subject. As a collection of self-portraits, the work is intimately caught up in issues of identity, (self)consciousness/unconsciousness, and the intersection of internal identity and experience with external visual representation and action. 
How do we perceive ourselves, how do we wish to be perceived by others, and what choices do we make in our external representation that supports or challenges these identities? As indicated by title of the collection, there is a particular focus on the artist’s explorations of gender as a queer person in dialogue with different systems of categorizing, experiencing, understanding, and representing gender. In this project, the act of making technical artistic decisions about the portrayal of the self on paper mirrors a lived experience of gender identity and performativityboth require a process of translating an internal experience into external visual language. When viewed as a whole, the work also reflects tensions of temporality in identity (of self). 
To preserve the truest representation of the initial feeling of a moment these pieces are done without any sketches (either pencil or ink) and are only done once in ink. To be in dialogue with other current systems of expressions of self, and particularly self-portraits and self-representation, the portraits in this series are based off of “selfies” of the artist taken on the same day as the drawing for that day. To further this exploration of self-representation and “selfie culture,” digital copies (which also plays with the idea of a copy of a copy of a copy and the multiplying capacities of social media) of the ink self-portraits in this series are uploaded daily to an Instagram account where they exist inside of a chronologically-based system of visual representation (by virtue of Instagram being a medium built primarily on images, and organized by date of upload)." 
...."copy of a copy of a copy." 
Why is there sometimes a talking octopus? 
That's the Feelings Octopus. An original character I've been playing with for the past 15 or so years and keep meaning to turn into a more developed comic series about inner dialogues. It's essentially all of my fears and anxieties presented in a form I can depict and interact with. ​​​​​​​
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